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SPOTTED: This week in Beauty

SPOTTED: This week in Beauty


If there’s one thing I am obsessed with more than fashion, food, the Harry Potter series and Game of Thrones, it’s all things related to beauty.

 Here’s what I spotted this week.

  1. Ten Days of Tocca Gift Set

  2. Sephora Collection Min Cream Lip Stain Set

  3. Celest Cosmetics Case & Cardholder by Ted Baker

Ten Days of Tocca Gift Set

I first became familiar with the brand Tocca about four years ago when I received a sample size version of the Bianca Body Scrub. I’ve since used the Bianca hand cream, but I have not yet had an opportunity to try some of their other products. I think this gift set is a great chance to familiarize oneself with the brand, the scents as well as get to try them.

Sephora Collection Mini Cream Lip Stain Set

I’ll be super honest. I used to be terrified of lipstick. I felt like wearing lipstick was such an adult thing to do and that it was something that would draw attention. I just didn’t have the confidence to wear lipstick. Thankfully, I have somewhat overcome that fear. I now wear red lipstick. Yes, just the colour red. I’m still too scared to try anything other than red. I do own a purple lipstick that I have never worn and now suspect is expired. Nevertheless, I’d like to dip my toes into new shades of lipstick. Two of the red lipsticks I own are lip stains from the Sephora Collection. They’re both the same shade, but one goes into my backpack and the other in my handbag. That’s how much I trust and love it. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered this Mini Cream Lip Stain Set. Different shades to try and a pretty great price point.

Celest Cosmetics Case & Cardholder Set

This is probably my favourite spotting of the week. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE pink. I love this shade of pink that the case comes in. I’m very girly about some of the things I own which is why I absolutely fell in love with this cosmetics case. I’m definitely in need of a new cosmetics case right now so this is perfect. Also, it comes with a leather cardholder that has an adorable dog on it. How cute!

Well, that’s all I SPOTTED this week in beauty.  Hope you enjoyed my list. Let me know what you think.

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Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

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SPOTTED: This week in Fashion