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Skiing at Blue Mountain Resort

Skiing at Blue Mountain Resort


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Where have I been and what have I been up to? University has kept me quite busy and I’ve had lots of work to do. On top of that, I moved apartments and that whole process was rather chaotic.

The good thing, however, is that I was able to have a little holiday in between all the madness. My friends and I had been planning to go on a trip since the Christmas holiday. For a while it looked like the trip might not happen given how incredibly busy everyone was with school and part-time jobs, but we managed to make it work.

I’m so grateful that we did because I had a fantastic time spending time with everyone and then also being able to go ski with them. We chose to go to Blue Mountain resort. It’s considered the best place to go ski.

The resort is great because apart from going to ski or snowboard, you can visit the village and do some shopping or eat at restaurants. No matter what, there is entertainment.

I have been snowboarding before but this was my first time skiing. Those of us in the group who were new to skiing decided to take a Newbie program. We did some lessons and progressed through the different stages of the newbie program until we were given the green light to go on the bigger hills. Starting off on the bunny hill and slowly moving to bigger hills is what worked best for me.

At one point the group got together and someone suggested we go on a much MUCH bigger hill together. As the hill was labelled a green hill, meaning I could go on it because it was for beginners, they all reassured me it would be fine and that I would manage. I, however, didn’t think so and was actually quite nervous about going on a bigger hill. Instead of voicing this concern I ended up going because I didn’t want to hold anyone back and I knew my friends were the type to say they didn’t want to go on the hill even if they did. I always want people to have the experiences they want to have and get their money’s worth.

So, what happened? I went on the hill and I couldn’t control my skis. I kept picking up speed and it was quite scary. I ended up forcing myself to fall while I was still relatively at the top of the hill. One of my guy friends came to help me up and we walked down the hill together.

Lesson learned? Always speak up and don’t allow yourself to be talked into something you don’t feel confident doing. If you have amazing friends like I do, they’ll be understanding. I’ve realized that giving myself time to get comfortable before attempting bigger hills is important. It’s especially important as this is a sport I’m new too and it can actually be quite dangerous. Be careful and don’t do anything stupid.  

I’ve actually fallen in love with skiing and I’ve decided that I would like to continue taking classes. I want to get good at it and hopefully then be able to go skiing every winter as there are many countries which one can visit that have ski resorts. It’s also just so much fun. I’m not yet sure if I’d like to continue learning snowboarding yet. Maybe I’ll do both? I don’t know. We’ll see.

Having said that, I have invested in some gear and I definitely think I should like to get some more but of course I’d like to make it fashion! 

Here are some items I love and want to share with you.

Ski Goggles

Ski Jackets

Ski Pants

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