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Olivia Burton Watch

Olivia Burton Watch


I spend an unhealthy amount of time in Nordstrom! It’s gotten to the point where a few of the sales associates know me and always wave at my friend and I. My most recent purchase there has me elated!

I have been moving around without a watch for the past couple of months. I moved apartments, and somehow my watch just vanished. I’ve been holding-off on buying a new one because I was incredibly indecisive about what I wanted. It was not a good situation. At first, I wanted something girly and cute. Then I wanted something timeless and feminine. Regardless, I very desperately needed a new watch.  I always feel like I’m half-dressed when I’m not wearing a watch. I feel the same way whenever I go without earrings too.

So, at last, I bought myself a new watch. This is the Marble Floral Sand and Rose Gold watch. It’s simply striking.

Burton Watch 1.jpg
Burton Watch 2.jpg

I never imagined I’d be drawn to this type of watch, marble (for whatever reason) scares me, but it just caught my eye and I had to have it.

Burton Watch 3.jpg

Olivia Burton has some gorgeous marble floral watches that I’d recommend you look at. 


Olivia Burton Marble Floral Sand and Rose Gold watch: Nordstrom

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