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Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Exhibition in Toronto

Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Exhibition in Toronto

The Louis Vuitton Time Capsule exhibition, which has travelled to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Berlin, Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai, Melbourne, Madrid, Osaka and Los Angeles, finally landed in Toronto. It also commemorated Louis Vuitton’s 35th anniversary in Toronto.

The Maison’s history was explored through pieces chosen from the Louis Vuitton archive which spans 160 Years. Some of the pieces are well known; the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection and the Masters II collection. There were also rare pieces on display.

Through the exhibition, one was taken all the way back to the Maison’s beginnings in 1854 and taken through its turning points in design and technology all the way up to the present day.

I went to see the exhibition on the very last day. Upon entering, the first room I got to see was the Artisan’s room. Present were actual Louis Vuitton artisans! There was a table set up and I, along with other attendees, got to see the artisan at work. The workspace was made to resemble those in the actual ateliers. We were able to ask the artisan questions and even touch the materials.

What I found incredibly fascinating was the fact that on the wall behind the artisan and workspace, there were three large screens. On the workspace table, there were these black cone-like structures that were actually cameras. They were recording a live feed of the artisan at work which was then displayed on the three screens on the wall. The way they were positioned made it such that we could see a super close-up view from different angles. To me, this was such a genius way of incorporating technology into the exhibition.

Pieces from the Louis Vuitton Archive.

👇I loved this display. The blue screens were moving images that made me visualize these pieces on a travel journey. I wish you could’ve seen it!

More pieces from the archive on display.

The custom Louis Vuitton Dress Emma Stone wore to the 2018 Golden Globe Awards.

Details of Stone’s custom Louis Vuitton dress.

Billie Jean and Emma Stone in a custom Louis Vuitton Dress at The 2018 Golden Globes

Emma Stone in the very same custom Louis Vuitton Dress.

Emma Stone and Billie Jean at the Golden Globes in 2018.

Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Displays

The highlight of the exhibition was towards the end of the time capsule. It was the Magic Malle. It was in a room with walls that were all giant screens and in the centre was a trunk. The trunk was also completely covered in screens.

This was an even more impressive display of technology being incorporated into the exhibition. The whole idea was for the room to be an immersive and visual experience.

We were shown the history of the Maison, starting from the first-ever Louis Vuitton trunk right up to the Fondation Louis Vuitton. I have to say, it was such a creative and super cool way to do it. It succeeded in being immersive. There were lots of ‘Ooos’ and ‘Wows’ to be heard from the people present within the room. I feel so incredibly lucky to have had this experience. It’s weird to say, but I never really thought of Louis Vuitton and technology together, but this exhibition really revealed to me just how innovative the French Maison is. Similar to the Dior Exhibition at the ROM (read here), the incorporation of technology into the exhibition really made the experience that much more enjoyable. 

Louis Vuitton Magic Malle

I loved the Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Exhibition. I feel very lucky to live in a city the exhibition travelled to and I’m glad I made the time to go see it. I learnt a lot about Louis Vuitton and the history of the house. It was fascinating to see the many pivotal points in its history but also how incredibly strong its DNA is. I really felt like I walked away with a much better appreciation for the craftsmanship and quality of the products created in the ateliers of the Maison. 



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