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A step back into High Park

A step back into High Park

Hello Lovely Reader,

It’s been oh so hot and humid in Toronto, sometimes unbearably so. I’m often quick to despair about the heat and tempted to complain about it. I often catch myself in these moments and remember how much I longed for these warmer months when I couldn’t see outside my bedroom window as there was a snowstorm outside. That or just the fact that as someone who grew up in Namibia, Canadian winters to me are quite harsh and although I enjoy the snow, I much prefer summer weather.  

I’ve realized how quickly June and July came and went and I’ve been thinking about when the weather was just beginning to warm up. That was when the cherry blossoms were in bloom for a few days here in Toronto’s historical High Park. It was still chilly then, enough that I had to wear tights and a coat. It’s beautiful though to think that with warmer weather comes such beauty in nature.

Look how happy I was that the cherry blossoms were in bloom.

I went to see the cherry blossoms with my friends. It was my first time going. We were such tourists, we took a million photos. I was looking at them recently and it reminded me to be thankful for the warmer weather I yearn for throughout the wintertime. Without it, I wouldn’t get to enjoy the outdoors. I wouldn’t get to see nature’s beauty and have fun outings with my friends like that day we visited High Park.  

Friend: “Take your coat off Arisa!! “

Friend: “It’s not that cold”

Look at my face! 😂 My African bones were 100% protesting the cold. Hahaha.

Look at my disgustingly beautiful friends ❤︎

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Till next time,


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